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In our increasingly fast paced, disposable society it is no wonder that Australia has joined the rest of the world in seeing the advantages of de-cluttering, downsizing and simplifying life, seeking quality over quantity!!  The appearance of new home organisation stores such as Muji arriving on our Sydney doorsteps, heralds the trend towards streamlining our living. Sydney siders are becoming more aware of the immense time saving and lifestyle benefits of getting organised, and are turning to Professional Organisers to assist them.

Leading Japanese home organiser expert Marie Kondo, has developed a cult following around the world based on the premise of  ' surrounding yourself with only things of beauty' or absolute need. This is my personal mantra also. Far too many of us cling to unused items, unwanted gifts or even broken and damaged items, cluttering our homes with things we now longer love or need and then become frustrated by the lack of space we have in our homes.

Make up Organisation

Marie Kondo advocates organising only once! Whilst this might surprise people, my own experience with Professional Organising fully supports this. Rather than tackling tasks over weeks or months, I firmly believe that one concerted effort to de-clutter, discard, sort and reorder your entire home or space will have a long lasting effect.

Devising systems for your home, where everything has a place gives us back space, style, enjoyment and above all else time!! It eliminates looking for endless items, reduces cleaning ,and most importantly gives you back precious time to spend on things you would much rather be doing.


Having a professional organiser assist you can have major benefits and doesn't need to break the bank. In fact, overwhelmingly people find that the cost involved in employing an organiser is recovered by what they make from selling their unwanted items on ebay or gumtree!!

Join the 'cult of cleaning up" and it won't be long before your posting photos of your 'Spice cupboard" or "Underwear drawer" to instagram!!

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