Why should I style my home for sale?


Sorted with Style

Sorted with Style

Styling a home for sale does not need to be an expensive exercise and doing so can reap great financial rewards! Why you may ask?

  1. People don't buy houses they buy homes - We need to make it as easy as possible for a potential buyer to envisage themselves in your home. It is essential that we create an emotional connection between the buyer and the home.
  2. People will stay much longer in a styled property rather than a vacant one, on average 25 minutes rather than 10 minutes. We want them to engage with the house.
  3. Un styled or vacant properties will lead the buyer to focus on the negative details of a property, s there is nothing else to look at. Instead we want to capitalize on the positive aspects a property, highlighting these with focal points, lifestyle suggestions etc
  4. Vacant properties look smaller without furniture. Furnishing a property creates a frame of reference, they can visualize their own furniture in the setting.
  5. Styled homes sell 85% faster because 90% of people are unable to visualise what an empty home will look like fully furnished.
  6. An impartial person is able to independently assess your property and professional skills will get you professional results.
  7. Ultimately we want you to receive a higher offer, when a property is vacant people start questioning how long it has been on the market and thing you are more flexible with your price.
  8. Visual appeal is everything. Styled homes have the competitive edge. It makes economic sense to spend money in order to sell for a higher price.

We cater for all budgets and offer simple and effective styling solutions that gets results. Call Sorted with Style today for a free quote on all your property styling needs

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