How to make a DIY Pebble door mat – Sorted with Style

IMG_0311Make your own DIY Pebble Mat - Sorted with Style

Styling your home does not need to be an expensive exercise. There are many simple and cost effective ways of adding appeal to your home. Making your own DIY pebble mat creates an interesting and inviting entry. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make your own unique pebble entry mat.

1. Materials Needed

  • Stanley knife
  • Plastic
  • Thin drawer liner matting ( Available at Bunnings or similar)
  • A 20kg bag of pebbles for an average sized door mat, longer doormat such as the one illustrated required a 30kg bag of pebbles ( Available from hardware and landscape suppliers)
  • Tube of Adhesive silicon and silicon gun.

1. Cut drawer liner to selected size using a Stanley knife. Positioning liner on a tile line can make this is quick and simple task and will help to keep it straight.


2. Position stones onto matting, much like you would assemble a jigsaw puzzle, attempting to limit the amount of space between each stone. Whilst I have used a black backing to create a contrast you may wish to use a backing sheet the same colour as your stones. Do not glue stones at this point.


Step 3:  Start to create a border around the entire mat to create an interesting line. I found it looks most effective when several of the stones overlap from the mat, as it creates a more natural look. Do not glue down any stones at this stage.


5. Once all the stones have been placed on the matting you are ready to glue them in place.



6. Use a waterproof adhesive silicon and silicon gun to glue each stone in place. This is the most time consuming part of the project as each stone must be lifted carefully. Apply glue and then place and hold for 3 seconds.


7. Place a small dab of silicon on the most raised section of the pebble and press and hold firmly in place for 3 - 4 seconds.




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