" We can't believe the transformation! We only wish we had done it years ago. Our Real Estate agent tells us it has increased the value immeasurably...but now that it's looking so good we don't know if we can part with it"

Callie & David Foster,

“Simone from Sorted with Style handled my mother’s downsizing with the upmost sensitivity and professionalism. We could never have had such a smooth transition without her practical and hands on help.”


Mark Wicks,

“Sorted with Style actually saved me money! Not only did I declutter and restyle my home into a beautiful new space, but I was able to sell my unwanted ‘junk’ to cover the cost ! I love the fact that you looked for affordable solutions for my storage problems and I could use a lot of what I already had in a more creative way. You have changed my life!”

Vanessa Hinds,